Tuesday, June 5, 2012

No Fifth Dictator!

- As participants commemorate 2012's 23rd anniversary of Tiananmen's massacre, CSN's John Kusumi delivers a speech urging a new uprising in China -


(See http://youtu.be/I2x4jcQSx88)

Remarks as delivered:

For the American people, I can tell you that "We saw that massacre!" The massacre in Tiananmen Square, June 4 1989; it was not hidden. It was rare as an event that was well-covered by CNN, and it was visible on world television. It was obvious what the students in the square wanted: They wanted freedom, democracy, human rights. And they used slogans such as those from the American revolution. "Give me liberty, or give me death" is a line that American people know from Patrick Henry.

It was obvious that the students in the square wanted a good, an upright, an effective government with the rule of law and with the possibility of justice.

Obviously, the massacre in 1989 was an injustice.

And in America, I and many others could look at that scene on television and say, "It is only a matter of time that justice will come to China." Justice will come to China, the question of 'when' is a different matter. And now it's 23 years later. We did not know that it would take 23 years for justice to come to China.

But now, it is time for the Chinese people to take matters into their own hands, and to begin to create justice in China this year.

And, the government of China, of course, has a problem of scandal. It has had Wang Lijun; it has had Bo Xilai; it has had Chen Guangcheng. All of these are scandals or embarassments or humiliation. This is a loss of face for the Communist Party.

And so, they hope now to introduce a fifth administration. A fifth communist dictator - following Mao, following Deng, following Jiang, following Hu. Now they want to give a fifth communist dictator to China. A man named Xi Jinping.

There should be no fifth dictator from the Communist Party. And the people of China should take this opportunity this year to stand up and demand, "No Fifth Dictator!"

My urging to the people of China is make a movement right now that insists: No Fifth Dictator from the Communist Party! That is when justice will begin to come to China. And it is time now - we have waited for 23 years - I feel that the people must take matters into their own hands, and make that change of the Chinese government; make it happen this year.

Thank you for listening to my speech. Xie xie!