Saturday, September 8, 2012

Speech: Let the Flame of Truth spread throughout the world!

Let the Flame of Truth spread throughout the world!

- Speech of pro-democracy Chinese dissident Tang Baiqiao to the Free Tibet campaigners -

Sept. 8, 2012

Today, we gather here to pass the Flame of Truth as a symbol of the Tibetan brothers and sisters who struggle for freedom. This torch symbolizes the self-immolation of Tibetan Freedom Fighters. We pass this torch of Truth, both to arouse the concern of the world's people, to oppose persecution suffered by Tibetans, but also to remember the Freedom Fighters who self-immolated!

Never in the history of mankind has such tragic mass repression and persecution continued for so long. For sixty years, tyranny has been suffered, not just by Tibetans, but also people of all ethnic groups, affecting all under the rule of the Communist Party, the CCP.

People are deprived of their freedoms as listed in the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights. And, people are deprived of freedom even under China's own Constitution. That lists freedom of speech, freedom of demonstration, freedom of association, freedom of belief, freedom of movement, and those freedoms are denied to those who are persecuted.

When the Chinese Constitution says freedom of speech, that is just window dressing. That is for show, and it's not to be taken seriously. If you want to practice freedom of speech, then I'm sorry you had to go to jail, or be disappeared like the well-known human rights lawyer Gao Zhisheng.

It is absurd that mainland Chinese need permission to visit Hong Kong; and it is absurd that Tibetans living in Sichuan and elsewhere need permission to visit their grandparents living in Lhasa. A regime this absurd cannot be found in the history books, nor even in fiction!

Gao Zhisheng once said: "They are capable of great evil, but good people cannot imagine such evil."

At one time, dissidents who oppose CCP tyranny were called "outdated and behind the times." When all the world wanted to dance with this evil regime, when the Rise of China was so popular among the international community, dissidents stood alone and refused to reconcile with the Chinese Communists. This required great courage and wisdom!

Today, Chinese people scorn the CCP.  Like when a rat runs across the street, everybody cries, "kill it!". Just yesterday, thousands of people surrounded the Legislative Council in Hong Kong. Loudly, they insist that Hong Kong must drop its plan to include Mainland propaganda and brainwashing in its educational curriculum.

The people of Hong Kong are all angry. Students, the general public, and even artists are all publicly supporting the protests in Hong Kong.

In Mainland China, any revolt against the authorities, in any form, gets a burst of applause from Internet users online.

This should be an old saying in China: "Human corruption, can not live!" This is a result of our many years of unremitting efforts to fight and expose the truth. There are indications that the collapse of the CCP is just a matter of time, and has entered the final countdown. Some people may think that I am too optimistic. The problem is that not only do I look at it this way, many Western experts and scholars understand China are beginning to change their view of the past, now that Communist China is at the brink of collapse.

So, today we stand here, and you can say out loud: "We're close to victory, and we will win!"

Today I want to publicly pay my respects to you! You stayed on the long road to pursue freedom and justice, so that the world will not completely sink. You are a model of humanity and righteousness. I support your fight for freedom, and I learned a lot from you. Your sincerity, your wisdom, your courage, leave me deeply moved and encouraged. If I have been able to stay on this road, fighting for democracy and against tyranny, part of the reason is this: I am motivated by your spirit. I often said to myself, there are so many Tibetan friends who say 'no' to CCP tyranny - I am not alone.

The Japanese writer Haruki Murakami said: "If there is a high wall of fortification, and eggs that are hitting that wall, I will always be on the side with the eggs."

I believe everyone is here today because it is human nature to stand here and cry for freedom and justice. Human nature is a truly powerful and invincible force! We fight for freedom and justice, and sometimes we pay a price. But, when we get freedom; when justice is done; the joy in our hearts will be worth the price we paid.

When this Truth Torch is passed in the world, I have a small request: I request all the world hear my voice and be touched by your conscience. Because the torch symbolizes those great Tibetan Freedom Fighters who burned themselves to death!

Freedom to Tibet!  Freedom to China!