Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Wei Jingsheng decries US' PNTR trade treatment for Communist China

February, 2008

I am grateful to the two candidates of the Democratic Party of the USA. Finally, you have included the important issues of millions of American workers' jobs in your campaign agenda.

Seven years ago, during the hot debate over whether to give China Permanent Normal Trade Relationship (PNTR) or not, it was the then US representatives David Bonior (D, MI), Nancy Pelosi (D, CA), Marcy Kaptur (D, OH), Sherrod Brown (D, OH), Frank Wolf (R, VA) and Chris Smith (R, NJ) who stood on the frontline against offering the dictatorial Communist China PNTR and entrance into the World Trade Organizations (WTO). They were defending human rights, as well as protecting American workers' interests and Chinese workers' rights. Most of democratic politicians were on their side, but the majority of American politicians stood on the side of the dictatorial Chinese government. We failed in this battle.

The result of this failure is that not only did Chinese workers lose their opportunity of striving for their legitimate rights and reasonable treatment, but also millions of Americans lost their job opportunities and their fight for reasonable treatment as well. Eight years ago, we had already warned Americans that giving PNTR to the Chinese Communists would damage the rights and interests of the American workers and the Chinese workers, as well as damage the interests of the small and middle sized business enterprises in America, further damaging America's market and America's national interest. At that time, 70% of Americans already realized this problem, but less than half of American politicians admitted this problem.

For 7 years now, this problem has rapidly developed in the form of economic recession and the way that millions lost their jobs. If we include Europe and Japan, it is an unemployment of tens of millions of people and global economic recession. From an international political view, it is the global recession of human rights and democratic politics, and the new rise of an "evil axis". While American soldiers are risking their lives for democracy and human rights, American politicians and big business enterprises are raising money to help the evil axis that has the behind-the-scenes backing of the Chinese Communist government. This irrational state has come to the point that it must be corrected.

I am grateful to the candidates of the Democratic Party who raised this grave problem to a point of urgency. On the most important timetable for the US president to work, this problem is the one that should have the first priority. It is the root problem behind all the other important problems. Regardless of who will be elected for the next term as the US president, if he/she is sincere in defending the interests of the Americans, as well as the free and democratic countries, he/she must solve this problem first, to correct the root mistakes that the past American government had made.

WEI Jingsheng
Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition

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