Sunday, March 16, 2008

China Interim Government responds to Tibet crisis

The following is a public statement issued March 14, 2008, by the China Interim Government (CIG). CIG was created late in 2007 and opened this year by Chinese dissidents. Its senior leadership includes Wu Fan, Jia Jia, Yuan Hongbing, and Tang Baiqiao.

It very much sounds like the China Interim Government agrees with any Tibetans whose goal is to chase the Communists out of Tibet!


We are shocked to learn of the recent replay of the 1989 bloody suppression of Tibetan citizens in Lhasa. The regime has once again carried out a bloody massacre of Tibetan citizens. The China Interim Government strongly censures such evil crimes committed by the CCP and expresses deep respect for the courage displayed by the Tibetans in their protest against the Communist regime.

In the process of disintegrating the CCP, courage and sagacity are the basis for Chinese citizens to break free from the regime's slavery and become a dignified nation. The entire Chinese nation should follow the example of the Tibetans and continue to strengthen ourselves mentally.

Tibet's spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, has stated publicly on many occasions that they are not asking for Tibet's independence but are only seeking self rule and human rights. However, the CCP continues to twist the facts and initiated bloody suppressions against Tibetan citizens in 1956 and 1989 under the charge of "Tibetan independence." Still today, tens of thousands of Tibetan citizens continue to drift [homeless] from place to place. Needless to say, there is no guarantee of their rights. Half a century has gone by, not only is there no improvement in the human rights condition of Tibetan citizens, it is continuously deteriorating. Yet today, they are once again under brutal suppression by the violent Communist regime.

These crimes committed by the CCP have infuriated man and God. Hu Jintao being the leader of the Communist regime cannot be absolved of the crimes committed by the CCP. The China Interim Government insists that Hu Jintao end the massacre of Tibetan citizens immediately.

The suppression of Tibetan citizens is just the tip of the crimes committed by the CCP. The regime has suppressed the Tibetans' request for human rights in the name of "Tibetan independence," suppressed the request of Uighurs in Xinjiang for human rights in the name of "Xinjiang independence," threatened the citizens in Taiwan in the name an "independent Taiwan," and suppressed citizens in Mainland China seeking human rights in the name of "quelling unrest." This is the true face of the CCP. Furthermore, since the CCP gained power, it has massacred landlords, capitalists, intellectuals, Falun Gong practitioners, etc., one after another in the name of reforms and revolution. The regime has committed countless bloody crimes. Its brutal acts have sealed its fate — disintegration.

Only by disintegrating the CCP can the brutal crimes against humanity be stopped. Hence we hope that the mass of Tibetan citizens will make this their first goal, gather their power to drive out the CCP's representative in Tibet – Zhang Qingli, acting Party Secretary of the Tibetan Autonomous Region and break free from the slavery of the CCP as soon as possible.

The China Interim Government calls upon all Chinese citizens to support Tibetan citizens to stop the brutal massacre by the CCP. Use this battle for one's rights to initiate a new movement to disintegrate the CCP in 2008 and finally arrive at the strategic goal of ending the Communist Party rule in 2008.

China Interim Government Spokesman Tang Baiqiao will accept interviews from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. U.S. Eastern Standard Time on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Spokesman Tang Baiqaio, usually based in New York City.

Flag of the China Interim Government.

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