Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hillary Clinton Visits Her Communist Masters In Beijing

Hillary Clinton Visits Her
Communist Masters In Beijing
And, President Obama should fire her.

By John Kusumi

After the dismal and disgusting debut of the U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, U.S. President Barack Obama ought to be firing her. He ought to fire her; but he likely won’t, because it would be an admission of his own poor judgment in filling that cabinet post with his former rival and the wife of former U.S. President Bill Clinton.

Communist China is a rogue nation and failed state, which shelters a smaller rogue nation and failed state known as North Korea. Through this trip (in Asia, Feb. 16-22), Clinton reaffirmed many long standing double standards in U.S. foreign policy – double standards that are twisted and diabolical. For example, deploring North Korea for its dictatorship while celebrating China for its dictatorship.

In the past, I had bad things to say about former U.S. President Bill Clinton, but I actually found it in me to say some good things about Mrs. Clinton – because when running for President, Mrs. Clinton had some (evidently insincere) tough talk about China. Now, I must eat my kind words, and bring out the harder words for Hillary Clinton.

She shares her husband’s tin ear, obliviousness, and easy countenance for evil. She and her husband are two people with zero moral compass between them. Both think that sucking up is all that is needed to be successful climbers, and both readily climb into the laps of communists, dictators, tyrants, and thugs. They are the pro-Maoist first couple.

Her husband’s administration was a disgrace to America and a boon to the Chinese Communist Party. Indeed, Clinton took campaign cash from Red China and transferred nuclear technology back to China in return. The aid and comfort for Chinese Communists would qualify as treason if Red China were seen as the enemy that it may in fact be. Indeed, prosecution for the Clinton-China dalliance is long overdue.

Like a criminal returning to the scene of the crime, Hillary went to China this weekend. If I recently became the new U.S. President, I would have recognized Taiwan, dispatched an ambassador, and the Secretary of State could have made a first stop in Taiwan. I do not buy into the nonsense entailed in Mao’s One China principle and Kissinger’s One China policy.

If you live under the dictatorship of North Korea, Hillary Clinton feels your pain. If you live under the dictatorship of China, so what? –Hillary is too busy carrying water for her Communist masters in Beijing, your oppressors.

Hillary Clinton found it in her to wag her finger on the topic of North Korea. But, she punted on the issues of human rights, Taiwan, and Tibet. In fact, by having a troop surge into Tibet at the same time as her visit, Communist China managed to thumb its nose at U.S. concerns and humiliate Clinton at the same time. To be effete on human rights was not inevitable for the U.S., but it was the choice of Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton played her cards by basically folding. She may have inadvertently signaled to Beijing that they have a green light to invade Taiwan. This trip was a loss of face for the United States, and a blazing display of weakness. The only winners from this trip were communists, dictators, tyrants, and thugs – they got the signal that they can continue doing business as usual.

Bill and Hillary Clinton are forever in a hasty rush to Maoism. Barack Obama ought to fire Hillary Clinton. If you are a freedom lover in North Korea, you may feel well served by the lip service in this trip. If you are a freedom lover in China, Taiwan, or Tibet, the message that one can read from Hillary Clinton is familiar, since every U.S. White House from 1989 (the year of Tiananmen Square’s massacre) to the present has signaled the same to China’s oppressed: that “Death for you is fine by them " (meaning, fine by the White House).

America is now signaling much the same as it has for twenty years. An administration that advertised itself as a change agent is showing a “steady as she goes,” “stay the curse” policy that is unimaginative and amounts to no change in east Asia. It’s disgusting. Hillary Clinton, resign!

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